17545 NE Archery Summit Rd, Dayton, OR 97114

Tastings are available by reservation. Walk-ins welcome.

Daily available times are: 11am, 12:30 pm, 2pm and 3:30pm

Call or Email to request tasting or place an order:

(503) 864-3698


Trellis Club - Custom Packages

Scott and Aaron have put together 12 unique custom cases, of which very limited quantities are available, to fulfill this years Trellis club allocation. We have given them first crack at this selection, and we are now offering it to all. You will see varied price points wines that are not typically in the Trellis case and wines that have been sold out for years- the majority of these wines came directly from Scott's cellar and are some of the family's most beloved.

Each package includes 4 of each wine listed, totaling a full 12 bottle case.

Packages are available on a first come, first served basis. All bottles are 750ml & no substitutions may be made.

Email info@depontecellars.com or call the tasting room, 503-864-3698, to secure one of these amazing cases.

Prices do not include tax where applicable, however shipping is included if not a local member.

Package   Price Qty Available
  2006 Baldwin Family Reserve    
  2008 Shirley's Gran Reserva    
  2014 Estate     
B   $1,200 3
  2005 Dundee Hills    
  2010 Baldwin Family Reserve    
  2015 Shirley's Gran Reserva    
C   $1,220 6
  2007 Shirley's Gran Reserva    
  2009 Baldwin Family Reserve    
  2011 Estate    
D   $1,280 9
  2008 Dundee Hills     
  2010 Shirley's Gran Reserva    
  2012 Estate    
E   $1,280 2
  2009 Estate    
  2011 Shirley's Gran Reserva    
  2013 Butcher's Block Reserve    
  2014 Estate    
  2016 Butcher's Block Reserve    
  2018 Baldwin Family Reserve    
G   $1,180 2
  2012 Baldwin Family Reserve    
  2014 Butcher's Block Reserve    
  2016 Estate    
H   $1,340 SOLD OUT
  2013 Baldwin Family Reserve    
  2015 Butcher's Block Reserve    
  2017 Shirley's Gran Reserva    
I   $1,350 8
  2012 Estate    
  2014 Shirley's Gran Reserva    
  2016 Baldwin Family Reserve    
J   $1,380 6
  2014 Baldwin Family Reserve    
  2015 Baldwin Family Reserve    
  2016 Baldwin Family Reserve    
K   $2,400 2
  2007 Shirley's Gran Reserva    
  2008 Shirley's Gran Reserva    
  2009 Shirley's Gran Reserva    
L   $1,350 8
  2012 Estate     
  2014 Baldwin Family Reserve    
  2016 Shirley's Gran Reserva    



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Dundee Hills Vineyard
Call (503) 864-3698
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17545 Archery Summit Road
Dayton, OR 97114

De Ponte Cellars Winery location is located in the heart of the Dundee Hills.

Our tasting room is open by appointment daily and we are now accepting walk ins based on availability. Please call or email us to schedule a tasting. We look forward to hosting you!

(503) 864-3698


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